Wine Cellars

Custom wine cellars are a growing trend in homes even for homeowners who don’t consider themselves a wine connoisseur. Wine cellars are an excellent add on for your home and are excellent for entertaining family and friends.

Many homeowners are surprised when we tell them you don’t need as much room as you might think, you can have a 200 to 250 bottle collection stored in as little as a 30 square foot room. We have also built smaller wine rooms/closets that hold 50 to 100 bottles

There are many essential planning steps that go into making your dream wine cellar.

  • Location is a very important consideration you need a room that does not get any direct sunlight, that’s one reason why basements are the most popular and suitable location for your wine cellar.
  • Your wine cellar needs to maintain a temperature of 55 degrees and should not fluctuate more than 3 to 4 degrees.  Any warmer than that and your wine will age to fast  any cooler and your wine will age slower.
  • Your wine cellar also needs to maintain a steady humidity level ideally around 57 percent. If your humidity levels reach 70 percent or higher mold can grow in the cork and ruin your wine and would not be something you would want to serve yourself or your guests. If your humidity levels drop below 50 percent your corks can dry out and your wine would spoil.
  • The wall framing is another important factor 2×4 wall construction is cheaper to build and insulate but we always recommend 2×6 wall construction because it allows for more insulation which will make your wine cellar more efficient and it will be a more controlled environment.
  • The type of insulation used is another important decision we recommend spray-foam insulation because not only does it create more of an air tight room it also acts as a vapor barrier which is critical when building any finished room in your basement to prevent mold growth and mildew behind your finished room.
  • We maintain the temperature and humidity in your wine cellar by installing a special wine cooling unit these units can’t add humidity to your room but they can remove excess moisture and cool the room to the proper temperature.
  • Lighting is a necessity since no direct sunlight is allowed and the wrong type of lighting can heat up your room and make your cooling unit run more than it should be. We recommend many great LED lighting options that emit virtually no heat, are energy efficient and will add that amazing WOW factor you’re looking for.
  • Proper door selection is important not only for aesthetics but for energy efficiency. Many people want frameless glass doors to showcase their wine room but you need to make sure you use double paned glass to help maintain the proper climate controlled environment that a wine cellar demands. Wood doors are also a popular choice but they need to be an exterior grade insulated door.
  • Some times its necessary to add humidity to your room, this can be done either with a simple humidifier or sometimes a fountain or wall mounted waterfall can be enough as well as add a very nice elegant relaxing touch to your wine room.

There’s a lot of planning and many important elements that go into making a custom wine cellar, let our experienced experts help create your dream custom wine cellar.

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